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ESO: Stamina DragonKnight Build for PvP (& PvE) – Dark Brotherhood Update

ESO: Stamina DragonKnight Build for PvP (& PvE) – Dark Brotherhood Update

Brand new ESO Stamina DK build video for PvP. This build was created during the Dark Brotherhood DLC update for Elder Scrolls Online.

Increase in max mag and stam so ya. I have wanted to fool around with maybe doing something with the elf bane set since the dark elf has a passive that increases the spell power with fire effects…be interesting but I like how this build looks…right now mines been acting as a pack mule.

I’m not good in any version of its meaning at pvp. I got lucky and got 2 cold fire ballista’s and a cold stone in a row so I’ve been being really cheeky and just firing at people while defending a keep. Currently like a quarter through level 4.

Didnt take me long in Cyrodiil to realize that the basic combat mechanics of ESO is broken, boring and practically unplayable on the “EU” server. I held out a long time to go into Cyrodiil just to get a strong enough character and hoping it would get better but… it doesnt. It only gets worse.
The abundance of spammable CC yet no/broken ways to get out of it just ruin combat completely. Slap on stealth for all characters and it become a game of whackamole. Pop up, whack em on the head to stun them, kill and go invisible again. For larger, 50v50+ fights it isnt actually that bad and the less-circle-aoe-than-normal-in-an-mmo playstyle begin to shine through. Well, assuming skill popping through latency actually worked which it doesnt on the “EU” server. For 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 or whatever low havoc squad number you pick its just bad, completely awfull.
As a comparison GW2 WvW may be tiny next to ESO Cyrodiil, but the combat in GW2 actually works. In particular for one of the main features of combat, dodging is separated from any other combat skill (ie its a dodge bar) and it will avoid projectiles/damage, unlike the broken stamina dodge in ESO. Its far from perfect in GW2 but its just so much more fun in duels/smallscale. ESO combat feel like you’re in a wheelchair and whoever poke a stick into your wheel wins.

And about tankiness – most of it, in pvp, comes from blocking. Softcapped armor/resists (orange numbers) only provides about 30% damage mitigation. But if you are using a shield and wearing heavy armor, you can block ~80% of incoming damage(50% base, 20% from shield passive, 8% from def.posture) for a relatively low stamina cost (20% cost discount from heavy armor, 30% cost discount for using a shield, 8% discount from def.posture, possibly more from jewelry).

Early stages of this game … MMO PVP is fluid always in change… The Grandfather of PVP DAoC had tons of issues at first and always had OP classes which changed overtime … Keep in mind the game is only 4 months old… No MMO that I know of can pull PVP off without issues… The reason is you have humans you are fighting and they will always find the exploits and bugs to use to their advantage….

Niches in Elder Scrolls Online I think could round out the class system

Niches in Elder Scrolls Online I think could round out the class system

I think there’s a few niches that could really round out the class roster for this game. For example:

-Disease+Poison: Currently, only NB and DK melee have access to these elements and their uses are very limited. I think it would be wonderful to have a class that could capitalize on these elements.

Ice magic: Exactly why do we not have a class that uses ice magic yet? If an ice magic line were to be introduced into a certain class, I would switch over in a heart beat. It could be possible to introduce a more tactical combo system with ice magic relying on crits.

A proper summoning class. Sorc are not a summoning class despite what the tool tips might say and even their summoning line is flip floppy with its’ passives. Plus, in group PvE and PvP the pets suck. Period. A summoning line needs to be all about the pets and synergizing them with the passives and each other to bring the fantasy to life.

These could easily be part a Necromancer class line.

Nature magic: From what I understand, nature magic was supposed to be a thing but was backed out at the last minute. It would be great to reintroduce it back as its’ own class again

A Hot/Shield based healer: Would be interesting to incorporate these as alternatives to templar healers. Furthermore, it could really introduce more strategic options for PvE and PvP and would allow ZoS to introduce more clever mechanics into PvE as well.

A shape shifting line, possibly short term with both ranged and melee forms. Could also make for a really cool system and just be something different and be explained by the Daedric prince Hircine.

These could easily be part of the mysterious “warden” line.

Now, I know you’re gonna say the trite and completely absurd argument of, “ZOS cannot even balance 4 classes, why add another 1 or 2?”. First things first, MMO’s by their very nature are never going to be 100% balanced and there’s nothing you can do about it unless they give every class the same abilities with the same mechanics and the same numbers. That would be boring so it’s good that each class has their weaknesses and strengths and that not all classes will be capable of doing the same things. Some classes are always gonna be better at burst. That’s okay. Some classes are gonna be better at DPS or ganking or healing. That’s OKAY too.